Environment and Sustainability Policy

Yubby Inns is a small family run business comprising two pubs; The Ebrington Arms and The Killingworth Castle and the Yubberton Brewing Company. We are proud to be at the centre of the communities we serve, and aim to continually improve the sustainability of our operations and the quality of our service.

This Policy applies to all aspects of the business, including the operation of our pubs, accommodation, and catering functions, the operations of the Brewing Company and associated business functions including procurement and travel.

This Policy will be embedded in business decision making and will drive improved sustainability and environmental performance throughout our operations.

Our Principles:

We are committed to managing and reducing our environmental impact, measuring and improving our performance and complying with all applicable legislation and regulation.

We recognise our role as a hub for the communities around us; we will help foster community spirit, supporting local charitable causes and promoting sustainability within these communities, including our staff, customers and supply chain partners.   

We will engage with external best-practice organisations to benchmark our performance, driving continual improvement in line with the Sustainable Restaurant Association framework.

We are passionate about people and pubs and aim to lead the way in our industry by making our business sustainable for future generations in whatever way possible.

Our Main Impacts:

We recognise how our business impacts society and the environment:

Ø  Building Energy Use

(heat & electricity)

Ø  Waste Generation

(waste food, recyclables etc)

Ø  Water Consumption

(pubs, catering & accommodation)

Ø  Our Communities

(staff, customers & neighbours)

Ø  Food and Drink Sourcing

(food miles & farming practices)

Ø  Travel

(by staff and customers)

Our Aims:

Building Energy and Water Use

We will measure and reduce heating and electricity carbon impacts across the business by improving the energy efficiency of our buildings/ plant (focussing on the pubs), by opting for green energy tariffs and by exploring on-site energy generation.

We will measure and reduce water consumption from our pubs, accommodation and catering operations.

Waste Generation

We will reduce, reuse and recycle waste as much as possible, minimising disposal to landfill or energy recovery, by reviewing waste supplier performance, fully segregating waste streams and engaging our supply chain on packaging.

We will monitor, manage and innovate to reduce food waste.

Our Communities

We will engage with our local communities, supporting and strengthening community bonds, being considerate of our neighbours and running charity fund-raising events.

We will support our staff, providing equal opportunities, training and opportunities to volunteer for selected local causes, to keep them happy and productive.

Food and Drink Sourcing

We will source all our food from certified organic sources as far as possible, using meat with high welfare standards and fish from MSC certified sources.

We will source food as local and seasonal as possible to reduce food transport miles and work with suppliers to reduce the number of deliveries needed. Food products imported from developing countries will be certified fair-trade.


We will explore options for reducing carbon emissions from travel between our sites, including using an electric vehicle and installing charging facilities for staff and customer use.

Bringing our People on the journey:

This Policy is owned by Landlord Jim Alexander; it will be realised through the positive actions of all staff and suppliers.

We will positively engage our people on the aims of this Policy both internally and externally. This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.