Well The Good Pub Guide sure knows a thing or two. Chuffed that they’ve put us in their list of the Top 7 UK pubs to take your dad to this weekend.

Read all about it here in The Good Pub Guide’s story.

Nice that dads are getting the recognition as our biggest day of the year is always Mother’s Day. I don’t think they will ever top that days’ sales of sauvignon or chardonnay to be fair but we’ll see how they go this weekend!

As usual we are serving lunch 12-3.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays and dinner 6-9.30pm Sat/Sun and 6-8.30pm on Sunday evenings. We also serve roast dinners on Sunday nights by popular demand if you want to beat the lunchtime rush!

Happy Father’s Day to all. Hope you have a fab day and if you’re not coming to our pub, you at least make it to one over the weekend.